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Georgia National Cemetery - Canton, Georgia

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Georgia National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located near the city of Canton, in Cherokee County, Georgia. Managed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it encompasses 774.9 acres, and has been undergoing development with the intention of servicing the interment needs of United States military veterans and their families for the next fifty years.

The land for the cemetery was donated by land developer and World War II veteran, Scott Hudgens. J. M. Wilkerson Construction Company, Inc. was hired to develop the land. The cemetery opened for interments on April 24, 2006 with space available for nearly 30,000 grave sites. As of 2014, more than 8,000 were interred on the site. According to, the cemetery is the final resting place for 27,685 veterans as of April 2022.

Conversations/Things we learned:

One might think driving through a cemetery is not a vacation-style trip to make. However, this national cemetery combines honoring our military heroes with viewing wildlife. The nearly 800 acre complex is located in a wooded area of Cherokee County Georgia and is incredibly well maintained. Visitors can drive a loop through the cemetery to see the entire cemetery and wildlife is also present.

If you are in the Canton area, this is a stop you should make, one to honor those who served and two; enjoy the beauty of the cemetery and nature surrounding it.

Contact Information:

Phone: (770) 479-9300


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