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Book Reviews/Suggestions

This section is where we provide a brief review of outdoors/survival books which we recommend for reading. Most of these books are available online at locations such as Amazon, Ebay, and Apple I-Tunes in book and audio format.

The Last Stand

A true story of Dr. George Bird Grinnell and other wildlife philanthropist who helped create the National Park Service as we know it today. This book will take you back to the early days of the first American National Park (Yellowstone) and the fight that saved the American Buffalo from extinction..

The Last Stand Book.jpg

The Cruelest Miles

This true story outlines the heroic efforts of Alaskan Dog Teams who must race over 700 miles to deliver life-saving medicine during a 1925 diphtheria outbreak. The courage of man and dog defied imagination.

81 Days Below Zero

This book is based on a true story of an Army World War II pilot who must hike out of the Alaska wilderness when his plane crashes in December of 1943. This book demonstrates the strength of the human spirit against all odds.

Desert Solitaire

This book by Edward Abbey features his experiences as a park ranger in the 1950s at Arches National Monument, now a National Park. Abbey provides a literary record of the solitude in the desert with his detailed expressions of the nature and human intervention in the region. The book can be a little slow and dry but its worth the read.

Mountain Man

This book provides a record of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in which John Colter took part in as a scout. The book takes you back to the expedition and provides a foundation for the creation of Yellowstone and Tetons National Parks. This book is perfect for those national parks lovers and illustrates what pioneers went through exploring and living in the untamed United States.

Bush Craft 101

This book is a good overall guide to those who want to explore the outdoors   to include hikers and campers. The guide provides the reader with basic outdoors and survival tips in an easy and illustrated format.


365 Essential Survival Skills

This book is also a good overall guide to those who want to explore the outdoors to include hikers and campers. The book provides survival skills for all four of the different seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

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