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Outdoor Vendors

This section of our website provides different outdoors vendors, either local or national chains, and purely our opinion and experiences with these vendors.

Academy Sports & Outdoors

We have found that Academy Sports pricing is usually lower than other national competitors, especially in the area of firearms. They are a well-rounded business and meet the needs of all sports to include camping and hiking. 

Academy Sports.jpg

Bass Pro Shop

We have found Bass Pro-Shop pricing to be significantly higher than other outdoors stores. But simply for the mere entertainment of shopping, Bass Pro Shops are fund to visit with their elaborate stores, large fish tanks, and outdoors themes. Usually when a new Bass Pro Shop opens, they attract other business around them so for the simply fun of shopping; Bass Pro Shop beats out most competitors. The stores are specific to hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, camping, and firearms. They do not sell equipment for other stores. 

Dick's Sporting Goods

This is another national sporting goods store which offers a large variety of sporting equipment to include hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and all other major sports. They no longer carry firearms. We have found the pricing is somewhat lower than Bass Pro Shop and Cabela's but Academy Sports pricing is still better. 

REI Recreational Equipment

REI is generally considered experts in outdoor equipment and have staff at each store location to assist with sizing/fitting. Their merchandise is considered top of the line which means pricing is usually on the high-end. REO also requires a paid membership but members receive points for discounts as well as an annual dividend. 



Wal-Mart is well know all over the world and they offer a decent outdoors section which addresses all sports. Wal-Mart routinely carry the Ozark Trail brand name for numerous types of hiking and camping equipment. This brand is their label and you get what you pay for. Wal-Mart have good deals and their hiking/camping equipment is fine for weekend type outdoors; not for those who are outdoors on a routine basis. 

Wal Mart.jpg

Adel Outfitters

This is a locally operated business in the small town of Adel, Georgia. But don't be deceived by this business because its a local outfitter. The store is very large and focuses on camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and a they have a large variety of firearms. We have found this business to generally have lower pricing than national outdoors companies and they have a very good reputation of being fair.



 1221 W 4th Street

 Adel, GA 31620


Mountain Man Merchantile

This is a small outdoors shop located in downtown Williams, Arizona and about an hours drive to the entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. The store is situated on historic Route 66 and the entire town is charming. The store specializes in hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking gear. The store may be small but there is quality equipment at a very reasonable price. The owner was very nice and this is a good stop if you need gear in the Grand Canyon Area. 


400 W Route 66

Williams, AZ 86046


T-3 Outdoors

This is another local business which serves the South Georgia/North Florida Area. This store mainly specializes in firearms and hunting, The pricing is comparable to national outdoors companies and the customer service is very good.



 1737 Gornto Road

 Valdosta, GA 31601



Cabela's is now under a subsidiary of Bass Prop Shop and basically offer the same type and quality of outdoors equipment. There pricing is usually higher than most other outdoors stores. Also expect to see Bass Pro Shop specific items because of their connection. These stores are attractive but not nearly as elaborate as Bass Pro Shop. The stores are specific to hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, camping, and firearms. 

Amazon is also known world-wide and they too offer their own brand of outdoors equipment. But Amazon offer high-quality outdoors and sporting equipment from various brands/vendors and because of their massive size; usually at a much better price. The only thing we recommend is before buying outdoors equipment from Amazon is to carefully read the product reviews and research the product online and with 

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