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Roan Mountain State Park - Carter County, Tennessee

Roan Mountain State Park is a Tennessee state park in Carter County, in Northeast Tennessee. It is close to the Tennessee-North Carolina border and near the community of Roan Mountain, Tennessee. Situated in the Blue Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains, the park preserves 2,006 acres of mostly hardwood forest. The park is in close proximity to 6,285-foot. Roan Mountain and the Appalachian Trail, both of which are owned and managed by the US Forest Service. On exceptionally clear days, the Charlotte skyline can be photographed from the peak.

Roan Mountain State Park has a 107-site campground for tents, trailers, and RVs, as well as 30 rental cabins available by reservation. A modern meeting facility is also available for rent, by advance reservation. Picnicking is also available in the park. There are three picnic pavilions. There are nice bathrooms at the visitor center on the Tennessee side and at the top of the mountain.

We found the park and drive to the top of the mountain to be majestic. There are plenty of locations along the roughly 45 minute drive to the top to stop and take photos. This is also a very nice park to hike, especially the world famous Appalachian Trail. This park and facilities were very clean. This is a must-see location for hikers.

Wildlife to expect include northern flying squirrels and New England cottontail and saw-whet owl are near southern extent of ranges. Also present are least weasel, spotted skunk, black bear, bobcat, mice, and salamanders. Ravens, hawks, and occasional golden eagles seen over balds and cliffs.

Contact Information:

Address: 527 TN-143, Roan Mountain, TN 37687

Phone: (423) 547-3900

Visitor Center

Old Farm House

Old Outhouse

Top of Roan Mountain

Stunning Hiking Trails

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