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President Harry Truman Presidential Library and Home - Independence, Missouri

The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum is the presidential library and resting place of Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States (1945–1953), his wife Bess and daughter Margaret, and is located on U.S. Highway 24 in Independence, Missouri. It was the first presidential library to be created under the provisions of the 1955 Presidential Libraries Act, and is one of thirteen presidential libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

The Harry S. Truman National Historic Site preserves the longtime home of President Truman as well as other properties associated with him in Kansas City, Missouri. The site is also operated by the National Park Service, with its centerpieces being the Truman Home in Independence and the Truman Farm Home in Grandview. It also includes the Noland home of Truman's cousins, and the George and Frank Wallace homes of Bess Truman's brothers. The site was designated a National Historic Site on May 23, 1983.

The Noland Home was where Harry Truman's aunt and uncle lived, as well as some of his favorite cousins. It has more than a family tie. One day, likely in 1910, Harry Truman was reunited with the great love of his life while visiting his family here. Across the street, at 219 North Delaware, lived a beautiful young lady with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes...and Harry Truman has been in love with her for twenty years. Her name was Bess Wallace. Harry Truman was asked to return a dessert plate to 219 North Delaware. He raced across the street, rang the bell...and Miss Wallace answered. "Come in," she said. That walk across Delaware Street that day changed their history...and ours.

Our experience:

Our experience is this site is a place you want to go out of your way to visit. Although restrictions were in-place because of the 2020-21 COVID Pandemic, we still were able to see a lot as the photos reflect. A very nice National Park Ranger gave us an outside tour of the Truman and Nolan’s Homes. We also got a tour inside the Noland Home. We learned after Harry and Bess returned from the White House in 1953, he and Bess lived in the N Delaware Street home until their deaths. They attended church just around the corner to their home and Harry would be seen walking around the town of Independence. The last car Harry owned is still in the garage and featured in our photos in this post.

Things to do and see:

We recommend you see the entire site which includes the Truman Presidential Library, the Truman Home, the Noland Home, and the Truman Farm. This will require a full one to two days but it’s worth it. Also please email or call ahead for reservations if possible.

Contact Information:

Presidential Library Address:

500 W US Hwy 24

Independence, MO 64050

816-268-8200 | 800-833-1225

Truman House:

219 N Delaware Street

Independence, Missouri 64050

Truman Farm:

12301 Blue Ridge Blvd.

Grandview, Missouri 64030

The Presidential Library

The Truman Home

Truman House Photo Gallery

The Nolan House

The Nolan House Photo Gallery

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