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Grassy Pond Recreational Area - Lake Park, Georgia

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

This recreational park is operated by the United States Air Force and is open to both military and civilians. There is no requirement to be active, former, or retired military to visit this park. The park is located approximately 5 miles from the Georgia/Florida State line at Exit 5 from Interstate 75. The park entry fee is $4 per day.

The park offers several great activities and amenities to include a large and smaller pond, boating to include fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks, pedal boats, and pontoon boats which are for rent (you can also bring your own). There is a boat launch ramp and fishing is allowed with permits. There are hiking trails at approximately 7 miles total which travel around both ponds. The trails are shaded from the heat by trees and include a very nice boardwalks, bridges, and inclines with stairs. There is also an RV location with full hookups with a TV and game room and two laundry rooms. There are playground equipment, a pool, rental pavilions and cabins, and numerous picnic areas.

Wildlife to expect include deer, raccoons, birds, turtles, alligators and snakes. We’ve mostly seen black snakes.

Our experience: This park has improved over the past four years because of a dedicated manager. It’s well worth the visit and overall a clean park. The hiking trails are very well groomed and well marked.

There is a one mile loop trail around a small pond across the road from the larger Grassy Pond. This trail has some lovely old oaks and lots of Spanish Moss.

A longer trail almost circumnavigates Grassy Pond and is blocked off halfway by private property fencing. Trail is about 1.5 miles one-way on each side or 6 miles total out-n-back then out-n-back on the other side. On the trail to the right of the campground there has a very long and well maintained boardwalk.

Contact information:

Address: 5360 Grassy Pond Rd, Lake Park, GA 31636


Main office and Group Meeting Room


Ponds with Boating & Fishing


Shelters and Picnicking


RV Camping




Hiking - Nature Trails


Other Amenities



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Vickie Pearson
Vickie Pearson

I have hiked the two of the trails at Grassy Pond. It’s not long but it is very serene with beautiful scenery. The trail is well maintained.

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