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Elvis Presley Birthplace - Tupelo, Mississippi

The Elvis Presley Birthplace is a historic museum site in Tupelo, Mississippi, dedicated to the preservation of the birthplace of American musician Elvis Presley. It is listed on the Mississippi Blues Trail.

The museum site includes Presley's shotgun house birthplace, a museum, a chapel, and the Assembly of God Church building where the Presley family worshiped. Elvis' parents, Vernon and Gladys, experienced financial hardship and had to move from the home when Elvis was a few years old for lack of payment. Vernon and Gladys worked various jobs while in Tupelo and moved several times during the thirteen years they resided in Mississippi.

Conversations/Things we learned:

This is a nice place to visit if you are in the Tupelo Area. Unless you are an Elvis enthusiast and/or music fab, it's not a place you would go out of your way to visit, mainly because of the small size of the venue.

Contact Information:

306 Elvis Presley Drive

Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone: (662) 841-1245

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