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Reed Bingham State Park - Adel, Georgia

This Georgia State Park is located approximately 40 miles from the Georgia/Florida State line at Exit 39 from Interstate 75. The park entry fee is $5 per day or the better route is to pay an annual fee which is roughly $40.

The park offers several great activities and amenities to include a very nice lake, boating to include fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks, three boat launch ramps, three small islands on the lake, a beach with protective netting from wildlife, fishing, hiking trails at approximately 6 miles total, good trails with boardwalks, RV locations with hookups, playground equipment, rental pavilions, and picnic areas.

Wildlife to expect include deer, raccoons, birds, turtles, and alligators.

Bathrooms, food, and water: The park offers a nice gift shop at the main entrance where small food and drink items are available for purchase. There are also clean bathrooms at the main entrance, lakeside entrance, and trail entrances.

Our experience: well worth the visit and overall a clean park. This may be one of Georgia‘s better state parks.

Contact information:

542 Reed Bingham Rd, Adel, GA 31620

Phone: (229) 896 - 3551

Wildlife in the Park


Plants and Flowers in Park


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1 Comment

Apr 21, 2020

Some of the birds we see are barred owls, limpkins, great blue herons, great egrets, little green herons, coots, moorhens, kingfishers, pine warblers, parula warblers, prothonotary warblers, yellowthroats, yellow-rumped warblers, rufous-sided towhees, red-shouldered hawks, red-tailed hawks, black and turkey vultures, cardinals, red-crowned kinglets, blue-grey gnatcatchers, wood thrushes, blue jays, catbirds, downy, red-bellied, red-headed, pileated woodpeckers, yellow-bellied sapsuckers and many more.

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